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 Rules of the forum

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Rules of the forum Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the forum   Rules of the forum EmptySun Sep 12, 2010 2:41 am

Here are all the rules you will need to follow while on this forum:

1. No Vulgar Pictures. This includes, nudity, gore, and offensive material.

2. No flaming people. We want everyone here to enjoy their time, Purposefully trying to force someone off the forums will result in a Ban. No exceptions.

3. Swearing is allowed, but only in the chatbox, and not excessively.

4. No Trolling. All Trolls will be immediately banned.

5. No "bullying". If you are "bullying" a temporary ban will be placed. If you are being bullied, do not be afraid to approach any Admin.

6. No spamming of any kind

7. Moderation is a privelage, not a gift. And it will not be handed out like one.

8. Have a fun time!

All the rules apply for the chatbox, also.
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Rules of the forum
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